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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

And Whatever Walked There, Walked Alone

I am obsessed with houses.

That's probably why The Haunting of Hill House is my favorite novel; it also doesn't hurt that I grew up in the following:

So I suppose I should explain that this isn't quite how the house looked when I lived there (from 1985-1992, and then 1995-1997; my folks were there until 2007), but it's not that far off either (though it was a bit more painted; also, the windows weren't quite so ... broken).  But it always had that sort of brooding air, like something was watching you ... always watching.

I was a bit surprised to find this ... um ... garbage pit (?) that definitely did not exist during my tenure there; note that this is also a pit of bones!  Bone-us!  (Did I just say that?  Yes, yes I did.)

This was the bedroom I shared with my brother until we were both 9 and 8, at which point we moved into the (significantly scarier) basement; I was so thrilled to finally have my own bedroom I didn't care about the ghosts (the shredding sounds in the middle of the night, the sound of someone pacing back and forth behind the headboard of my bed, the glowing green lights in the middle of the night; you know, the usual).  When Ryan and I visited, we disturbed two birds that had become trapped in this room and were unable -- or, perhaps, unwilling -- to escape.  Sing it with me now:  BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS!

"Exorcism cannot alter the countenance of a house; Hill House would remain as it was until it was destroyed." -- The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson (1959)

Bird Attack!

Okay, so it was self-inflicted.

Here, as promised, is lovely listener Lindsey in her own imitation of the triple terror look, as exemplified by Tippi Hedren in The Birds.  You're gorgeous, Lindsey!  Thanks for the love, and thanks for the Night of Dark Shadows suggestion!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Night of Dark Shadows Scares Us!

Some Night of Dark Shadows imagery to help you follow along ...

Grayson Hall as Carlotta in one of her to-die-for costumes.  Note Lyndhurst pretending to be Collinwood looming unsettlingly in the background.

One of my favorite shots of Lara Parker as Angelique, pensively gazing out of the tower window ... also, it's super autographed.

David Selby as Quentin, who captivated all of America.  He's been working steadily since Dark Shadows.

Me and Ryan at the 2016 Dark Shadows fest, which took place at Tarrytown and Lyndhurst, where House and Night of Dark Shadows were filmed.  We were being gothic heroines.

Me and the portrait of Angelique.  Possessed?

The window in the gallery ...

... and the creepy shot from NODS with Quentin silhouetted against it.

This Place Scares Us of Dark Shadows.  There.  That'll be the third movie.  Or maybe Podcast of Dark Shadows?  PODS.  Done.

Selfie.  With Lyndhurst.

Me with David Selby, post my "hey I totally went to your alma mater and we talked on the phone and I didn't even hyperventilate once well kinda" story.  HE'S SUCH A NICE GUY.

The Tale of Gangly Mark

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Night of Dark Shadows Scares Us

Hello Dear Listeners,

Are you enjoying your summer fun?  Have you seen any summer ghosts, or perhaps a warm weather bigfoot cooling off in a stream?  We haven't but we're still looking.  In between our adventures we're releasing another listener suggested episode (thanks Lindsey C.!!!) that is near and dear to Laramie's cold cold heart.

Welcome to our episode on Night of Dark Shadows (NODS)!! Does NODS make sense? Not really!  Does it relate to the TV series?  Kind of?! We watched House of Dark Shadows and discussed our thoughts on it in episode 7 (go check it out).  So join us we discuss the sequel, that isn't a sequel, to the best bat on a stick movie ever made!

Also, Katya and Laramie discuss Laramie's trip to eastern Montana and how glad they are that school is out for summer!


Katya and Laramie

Come listen to the episode

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The 5 Boys Who NEVER CAME BACK!!! (Scares Us)

We're back, batches!  Follow along as Katya and I tackle the tragic tale of the 5 Boys Who Never Came Back ...

We start out the episode shouting out to our Suspiria episode ... check it out ...

Katya suggests that we use our episode about "The Lottery" to teach the children ...

We push my play (some more) ... (Click here to buy one of your very own!)

Someone needs to compile all our potential band names that we come up with for us.  That someone is not me, and probably not Katya either. #theimpericalbetters

Then, leading into our reader-chosen topic (shout out to Joanna!), we reference our episode on the Dyatlov Pass and the film adaptation we haven't seen ...

Huh.  It was giant glowing-eyed ice monsters all along.

All right; buckle up, kitty cats.  Here ... we ... go!!!


Follow this link to Strange Outdoors, a blog about "mysterious stories" (and this one qualifies ...) -- it has maps and photos and some videos that will shed a bit more light on the story for you.

Here's the link to the original story in the Washington Post.

The cover of the Night Creatures volume from The Enchanted World!

Rawhead and Bloody Bones.  This is the worst!

Black Annis, the hag who skins children!

Nadilla, the vampire ghoul!  This book was advertised  on television a lot when I was a child, and I vividly remember this particular illustration.  It's freaky as hell that she isn't even looking at him as she attacks him!

The Tale of 5 Boys Who Never Came Back Scares Us

Hello Dear Listeners,

Sorry for our brief break but we had to go have some summer fun!  Fear not!  We are back this week with episode 20 and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a listener suggested topic? Our wonderful listener Joanna suggested this weeks topic, and we LOVE IT!!

This week Katya and Laramie discuss the story of the 5 boys who never came back.  Much like our Dyatlov Pass episode this story has mountains, tragic deaths, and more theories with no answers than you can handle.  So strap in for a sad and scary tale about more mountains that you should probably stay far far away from.

We hope you are having a great summer full of fun and adventure dear listeners!  See you all in two weeks!


Katya and Laramie

Come listen to the episode

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Birds (Birds! Birds! Birds! Birds! Birds! Birds!) Scare Us!


Teen Wolf Scares Us

The Suspiria Remake Is Coming!

But it looks good, I promise.  Tilda appears especially disturbing.  Plus hair and fingers, fingers, fingers.

(And if you want some Suspiria background -- for y'nerves -- check out our episode discussing the ins and outs of dance school, iconography, and what it means to be in an undercover coven: click here.)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Death of LaVena Johnson Scares Us

Hello Dear Listeners,

We've received so many wonderful messages from some of you and want to extend our sincere thanks. You are all what make this podcast great!  Please continue to write to us and let us know what you think or tell us your spooky stories.  We have truly enjoyed our past two episodes sharing scary stories with friends, and discussing a horror classic with The Birds.  This weeks episode is much less fun and so very tragic in the way that only true events can be.

Join us this week as we discuss the beautiful life and horrific death of PFC LaVena Johnson.  We have a long discussion about the American military, and their alleged involvement in what appears to be a very suspicious death.  If you want to learn even more about the events we discuss in this episode please look into some of the wonderful independent journalism surrounding the Johnson family's struggle to learn what happened to their daughter.  Our deepest respect, and sympathy goes out to the Johnson family.

Please remember to stay safe dear listeners.  We love you all and sincerely hope the world changes for the better.


Katya and Laramie

Come listen to the episode

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Birds Scare Katya

Here, as promised, are the shots of Katya doing her best "Melanie is shocked by the horror unfolding before her" impression.

The original:


And Katya's interpretation:

The Birds Scares Us!

Please allow the following images and videos to accentuate your enjoyment of Katya and I dissecting The Birds.

Kids running and screaming which is totally not funny.  Okay, maybe once.

Melanie's reaction.  Not funny.  Okay, maybe twice.

And now ... the hysterical hysteria of Veronica Cartwright:

Poor Kathy.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  (Click here to watch the scene.)


Witches of Eastwick.

Check out this fantastic post from the blog I referenced, My New Plaid Pants, all about Poor Annie from The Birds:  click here

The Birds Scares Us

Hello Dear Listeners,

Sorry for the delay this week!  We had many things happening and had some technical challenges.  Fear not!  We have returned to give you a reason to be afraid, even as we move through spring and into the sunny summer season.  Don't you all remember that horror in the daylight is real!?

Join Katya and Laramie as they discuss (and sing about) Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. There is plenty to be afraid of in this one. Creepy movie directors, condescending lawyers, women breaking into houses to leave birds, birds that peck out eyes (so many eyes!!), if its bird or misogyny related this movie probably has it!!  Plus, Katya and Laramie discuss the horror of coming to terms with the bad behavior of artists we love.

Special shout outs to The Roxy Theater here in Missoula for screening The Birds, and our wonderful listener Lindsey C.!


Katya and Laramie

Come listen to the episode

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Frankenstein Among the Dead (Original Cast Photos) Scares Us

Enjoy these shots (by the incomparable Aline Dufflocq Williams) from the original production of Frankenstein Among the Dead, presented at Hellgate High School, November 2015.

(If you'd like a copy of your very own, click on the title, Frankenstein Among the Dead.)

(If you'd like to enjoy Katya and I discussing Bride of Frankenstein and totally plugging Frankenstein Among the Dead, click here.)

Lee Adler as the Monster and Brighid Leonard as Mary Shelley.

Nathan Dudden as Victor Frankenstein and Jalynn Nelson as Elizabeth.

Megan Royce as Elsa, the mystery woman.

Nathan Dudden as Victor and Hunter White as Henry Clerval.

Lee Adler as the Monster and Nathan Dudden as Victor.

Nicolas Crepeau as a Ghoul.

The cast and crew of Frankenstein Among the Dead.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Werewolves Scare Us

Here are some werewolves for your nerves.  If you'd like to learn more about the horrors of hybridity (which blogger doesn't even acknowledge is a word; what the hell), werewolves, or shapeshifters in general, please check out Episode 5 and  16.

 Oliver Reed carries off the heroine in Hammer's The Curse of the Werewolf.

Dog Soldiers!  Brilliant.  The last werewolf movie that actually freaked me out.

David Kessler transforms into An American Werewolf in London, one of my first (and favorite) werewolves.

The horrors of The Howling!

An oldie but a goodie:  Lon Chaney's The Wolfman.

A deeply unsettling moment from The Company of Wolves.  

One of the first, predating The Wolfman by a few years:  Henry Hull as The Werewolf of London.